How do you view Jesus?

My dad was a United States Marine and he was as tough as they come.  He was a real man’s man.  I once asked him to tell me the story of how he became a Christian and why it was so late in life.  His answer was that he had always pictured Jesus as some kind of wimp, and that a Marine couldn’t possibly follow a wimp.  I understood immediately what he meant.  How many depictions of Jesus have you seen with him holding the little lamb around his shoulders, or dancing through a field of flowers with children merrily following him?

Dad went on to tell me that the turning point for him, and the reason he became a Christian was because someone finally shared with him what Jesus went through on the cross.  The endurance.  The pain.  The wrath of God.  His passion.  Dad finally saw that Jesus was no wimp.  Jesus was a man’s man too.  Jesus was someone he could follow.

I have been reading Colossians with my family and have been repeatedly struck  by verses 13 and 14 from chapter 1.  They read:

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,  in whom we have redemption,  the forgiveness of sins.

What kind of word picture does “rescue” conjure up to you?  A raging torrent?  A tornado? A fire?  Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s a serious situation.  It conjures up images of a brave firefighter, or a Coast Guard rescue swimmer perhaps.  It makes me think of a superhero!

The verses say we’ve been rescued from the “dominion of darkness”.  Our sinfulness has banished us to a raging torrent of exile away from God.  But God has rescued us through the death of Jesus on the cross on our behalf.  In addition to the scorn of men, beatings, and death on a cross, Jesus was able to take on the very wrath of God.   Because he was himself sinless, God raised him up and seated  him as King over an eternal Kingdom.  Jesus is TOUGH.  Nothing can beat him.  He’s the kind of man I want to be.  He’s the kind of leader I can follow.

How about you?  What’s your view of Jesus?  If you’ve bought into the idea that Jesus is a wimp, think again.  Sure, he is compassionate and loves kids, but he’s also the rescuer of the world.  He’s the only one I know of that has beat death.  Can you?  Rethink your view of Jesus.  Then follow him.

Get Real Love.