What is real love?

What do you think real love is?

Not long ago I saw a video blog from Penn Jillette, of the famous magic act Penn and Teller.  You can find the clip yourself by doing an internet search for his name and include the key word “bible”.  Mr. Jillette was sharing that following one of his shows, a man was waiting for him to hand him a bible.  The man was concerned enough about his eternal soul to tell him about Jesus.

Mr. Jillette is a self-ascribed atheist, but understands that at the heart of the Christian faith there lies a question of eternal life.  He understands that Christians believe that by faith in Jesus Christ, a person can live forever with God; that they  can be forgiven.  He also seems to know that Christians believe that if you die without  Christ, you’ll live eternally in hell.  In the clip he says:

“If you believe there’s a heaven and a hell, …, how much do you have to hate somebody to believe eternal life is possible and not tell that?”

Indeed.  Penn Jillette actually gets what a lot of Christians don’t seem to get.  By NOT sharing our faith, we’re actually showing hatred toward others who don’t know Christ.  The truth is that the most loving thing a person who knows Jesus can do is share him with others.

I know that a lot of people who hear the gospel won’t accept it.   This is probably why believers don’t share.  After all, who wants to be rejected?   But if you think about it, Jesus himself didn’t convince everyone he talked to that they needed him.  What makes you think you will? We have to understand that our  responsibility isn’t to convert people, it’s only to tell people.  Jesus does the converting.

So, telling equals love.  Not telling equals hate.

If you’re already a believer in Christ, do you love lost people enough to share the gospel with them?  If you’re reading this blog post and you’re not a Christian…if you’ve never trusted Jesus to save you from your sins, I encourage you to click on the Get Started Link above and read the gospel for yourself.  Consider it my attempt to show you some love.  If you want to talk about it, respond to this post, or send me a message by clicking “Contact Us”.   Your eternity may just depend on it.

Get Real Love…